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Johnson Manufacturing Company has played a key role in the development of environmentally friendly Fluxes, Lead-Free Solders and specially engineered Tools. It all began with Johnson Soldering Fluid over 95 years ago, safer then, as now because it contains no free acid. Next came Johnson Soldering Paste, still a favorite of many plumbers, followed by our Best Paste Flux that meets the ASTM B-813 Standard for potable water supplies, plus hundreds of other products for today's commercial and industrial soldering applications.

Johnson's BioBake was the first biodegradable, organic, non-toxic, neutral pH soldering flux used in copper/brass radiator production. Johnson's exclusive vacuum casting process reduces dirt, inclusions, oxidation and segregation from our solder billets, which are then extruded into the Lead-free Solders we manufacture, including Tin-Zinc Solders for capacitors and Lead-free Body Solders used by both foreign and domestic automakers. Johnson's new IA-423 Lead-free, ternary eutectic solder is ideal for industries needing a strong, shiny, corrosion resistant solder for critical applications. Today more than ever before, Johnson Manufacturing Company is poised to provide your company with correct Soldering Solutions!

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