The standard by which all other general purpose and repair fluxes are compared, but never equaled. Prove to yourself that this is the one flux that will save you more time and money than any other. Far superior to salts or powder fluxes. Johnson's Soldering Fluid enables all solders to flow at their lowest possible temperature, yet it protects your work at higher temperatures without burning away. Your solder joints will be stronger and less solder will drop off your work.

Johnson's Soldering Fluid contains no free acid. It is highly active when heated (becomes active at 150°F) yet it is nearly inactive when cold. Any method of heating for soldering may be used with this flux. Some common methods include torch, open flame burner, soldering iron, hot plates, oven, induction, resistance heating, quartz lamp or hot liquid or gas. Typical soldering uses include general sheet metal soldering, auto radiator repair, antique auto body restoration, strip tinning of copper and brass, soldering stained glass, and for many production applications.

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Bench Bottle 01-02 01-04 24 9#
Pint 01-07 01-08 12 19#
Quart 01-09 01-10 6 18#
Gallon 01-11 01-12 4 49#
5 Gallon Drum 01-14 61#
15 Gallon Drum 01-15 179#