Utilizes a venturi style mixer to convert compressed air and water into a single, powerful cleaning stream. Unique trigger gives precise air control for gentle back flushing of cooling systems. Great for cleaning up equipment. Portable sand blaster is our most popular model for cleaning radiators, tools, tanks and equipment. Removes dirt, oxides, paint and rust easily and economically.
Mega-Flush II Gun 429-CS No 37 Sand Blast Cleaner 436-00
Replacement Air Valve 429-02 Steel Replacement Nozzle 436-02
Black Rubber Cone 429-10 Blow Gun Only 437-00
    10" Extension 437-01
    Large capacity for cleaning big areas such as heavy duty radiator tanks and equipment.
    Model F-50 Sand Blaster 435-00
    1/8" Air Jet 435-01
QUIET BLOW GUN 1/4" Steel Nozzle 435-04
Quiet, Safety Blow Gun 437-50 5/16" Steel Nozzle 435-06
ABRASIVES 1/4" Ceramic Nozzle 435-07
Black Beauty Sand, Coarse, 50Lb. 435-50 5/16" Ceramic Nozzle 435-08
Alumablast Oxide, Fine, 50 Lb. 435-80 Gun Body Complete 435-10