Improved Valve Design


AGF Torches, long preferred by some radiator mechanics because of their lever valves, have been improved to provide a positive shut-off of the gas supply. This enables Johnson to offer their two most popular models once again.

AGF's most popular model for automotive radiator repair, as well as general soldering is their 1-N Blow Pipe, complete with a 1-N Burner Head. This unit is approximately 12-/12" long, with a head diameter of 15/16", and is relatively well-balanced and easy to handle.

The model 2-N Blow Pipe, complete with a 2-N Burner Head handles much bigger than it looks, at roughly 14-1/2" long with a 1-1/4" diameter Head.  The 2-N Torch provide more heat than the 1-N, which is necessary when working with heavy-duty heat exchangers.

1-N Blow Pipe with Head 331-00 2#
1-N Burner Head Only 331-01 1#
2-N Blow Pipe with Head 332-00 3#
2-N Burner Head Only 332-01 1#