XCEL SS FLUX -- Part Number 09-SS

SS brazing flux
780°F to 1600°F - A general purpose white flux for use with low temperature alloys. Used for brazing metals such as stainless steel, monel, copper bronze, nickel, brass, silver, steel, iron, platinum, beryllium copper, aluminum bronze, cupronickel and many more.

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XCEL NF FLUX -- Part Number 09-NF

NF brazing flux
1100°F - 2200°F - A general purpose gray/black flux for higher temperature brazing of metals such as high chromium stainless steel, tungsten and chromium carbide, nickel, copper alloys, and molybdenum alloys, particularly in applications where a large amount of refractory oxides may form.

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Packaging options
12 oz bottle-04 12 x 12oz case-05
1 pound jar-06 12 x 1lb case-07
5lb jar-08 4 x 5lb case-09
10 lb jar-10 4 x 10 lb case-11
25lb pail-25  
48 lb pail-48  
50 lb pail-50