Copper/Brass Repair Products include:


Johnson`s Soldering Fluid
The original and best zinc chloride based flux
D5 Powder Flux
D5 Powder Flux
Tin EZY Butter
Tin EZY Butter and Tin EZY Powder
for tinning applications
Test Tank Powder
for detecting leaks and neutralizing flux


We produce High Purity Solder including lead free alloys and lead containing alloys ranging from Sn63 to Sn30.
We also supply silver Brazing Alloys


super scrapersmscraper
Super Scrapers
for removing gaskets
test capstest plugs
Test Caps and Test Plugs
charge air test kit
CAC Kits for testing Charge Air Coolers
Johnsons Tabtooltab decrimper
Decrimpers and Tab Tools
std radiator clamptractor clampplastic tank clampheader clamp
Header Clamps
ice pick
Ice Picks
metal fin combplastic fin comb
Fin Combs


brass flangebrass drain cocks
Drain Cocks & Flanges
fuel tank liner
Fuel Tank Liner
noseep stop leak
No Seep Powder
solvent paintwater based paint
Radiator Paint
both solvent and water based
plastic tubingred rubber
latex tubing
Overflow Tubing
plastic, rubber copper and latex
respiratorPlastic glovesrubber apron
Aprons, Gloves and Masks
gasket tapepremium tape
Gasket Tape
Heater Core Foam
Heater Core Foam
superx boilout
Super X Boilout Compound