1100°F to1700°F - a general purpose white flux for many silver brazing applications. Recommended for torch work on stainless steel.

Part Number 08-K41 | SDS


1100°F - 1700°F - A black, boron modified flux for use with tungsten and chromium carbides and high alloy or stainless steels that tend to form refractory oxides upon heating to brazing temperatures.

Part number 08-K41B | SDS


1100deg;F - 1600°F - A white flux for use in long, deep joints and for brazing carbide tips to tool shanks. Extremely fluid at brazing temperatures which promotes capillary flow of alloy on hard-to-wet metals.

Part number 08-K54 | SDS


1100°F - 1600°F - A black flux similar to KWIKFLUX 41B but with slightly greater fluidity at the lower end of the temperature range.

Part Number 08-K54SB | SDS


1200°F - 1800°F - A white flux designed for high temperature work or where heating is both prolonged and intense such as with large tips.

Part Number 08-K95 | SDS


1600°F - 2200°F - A white flux designed primarily for nickel bearing alloys and stainless steel. It is also well suited for the more common brass and bronze metals.

Part Number 08-K99 | SDS

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12 oz bottle-04 12 x 12 oz case-05
1 pound jar-06 12 x 1 lb case-07
5 pound jar-08 4 x 5 lb case-09
10 pound jar-10 4 x 10 lb case-11
25 pound pail-25  
48 pound pail-48 50 pound pail-50

KWIK Flux Remover

Quickly and effectively dissolves flux residues and heat scale on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Also removes rust, mill and heat scale. Supplied as a dry powder and prepared with water.

Usage Instructions: Dissolve 10 oz per gallon of hot water in a stainless steel or polyethylene container. Immerse part for 1 - 3 minutes. Add dry powder to maintain pH of 0.5 - 2.5. Change solution daily.

Part Number 08-FR200 | SDS

Packaging options
2.5 pound jar-08
10 pound jar-10
25 pound pail-25
50 pound pail-50