Johnson Pure Solders are Vacuum Cast for Highest Purity

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Johnson Offers Wide Selection of Flux Cores for many Soldering Applications

•  R-100 Non-Activated Rosin Core (R Type) for copper, tinplate
•  RM-100 Mildly Activated Rosin Core (RMA Type) for electrical, electronics
•  AR-100 Activated Rosin Core (RA Type) for DIY, electrical, hardware, wiring, hobby
•  X-100 Extra-Activated Rosin Core (RA Type) general purpose, electrical, architectural
•  OR-100 Water Soluble Organic Core for audio, electronics, PC boards and rework
•  OR-120 No-Clean Mild Organic Core for audio, automotive, electrical, hobby, wiring
•  OR-200 Mild Stearine Core for architectural metal roofing, flashings, oridontal
•  OR-520 Organic Acid Core, semi-solid flux stops core leakage, for copper, brass, steel
•  AL-300 Organic Core Flux solders aluminum, copper, galvanized, nickel, coated metals
•  AC-600 Inorganic Acid Core Solder, our most aggressive flux, solders stainless steels

Johnson's Core Solders are available in many standard alloys, including Lead-free, with core percentages from .5 to 4.5%, in common wire diameters on 1, 5 and 20 Lb. spools, 20-30 Lb. fiber reels, 25 Lb. coils in hex cartons, and 50 Lb. or 250 Lb. pay off packs (fiber drums).

View Johnson's Technical Bulletin on Core Solders.