Brazing: Joining metals by heating them to a suitable temperature and using a filler metal having a liquidus exceeding 450°C (840°F), and below the solidus of the base materials. The filler metal is distributed by capillary attraction -- Soldering Manual 2nd Edition, Revised, American Welding Society, 1978

Brazing is similar to Soldering in that a filler metal is used to join metals, but occurs at a higher temperature. Like soldering, it can be used to join dissimilar metals. Brazing alloys may be alloys of copper, aluminum, silver, nickel, gold or other metallic elements. Johnson Manufacturing Company carries a limited selection of silver bearing Brazing Alloys.

Brazing may also require a flux, usually boric acid based. We make a fine selection of brazing fluxes, including Lloyd`s #7 silver brazing flux, as well as our line of XCEL and Kwikflux brazing fluxes.

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