About Johnson Manufacturing

Johnson Manufacturing Company is a Small Business located in Princeton, Iowa, that focuses on the production of commercial and industrial solders and fluxes for soldering and brazing applications.

Johnson products are used by

We also produce Maintenance Alloys & Fluxes and serve the Electrochemical Machining Industry, along with numerous other Manufacturing Applications.

Johnson uses its exclusive vacuum casting process that reduces dirt, inclusions, oxidation, and segregation to produce solder billets which are then extruded to create our Tin-Lead, Lead-Free, Tin-Zinc, and Babbitt Solders in addition to many other small run and specialty alloys.

Over more than 100 years, JMC has played a key role in the development of environmentally friendly fluxes, lead-free solders, and specially engineered tools. It all began with Johnson’s Soldering Fluid in 1909, safer then as now, since it contains no free acid. Next came Johnson’s Soldering Paste, still a favorite of many plumbers. That was followed by Johnson’s Best Paste Flux that meets the ASTM B-813 standard for potable water systems.

Johnson’s continued their innovation with its creation of Bio-Bake, the first bio-degradable, organic, non-toxic, neutral pH soldering flux used in copper/brass radiator production.

Johnson’s was involved with Ames Laboratory in the development of a Lead-Free solder for usage in Electronics Applications.

Today, Johnson Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer that provides over 100 different fluxes and alloys to many industries around the world.

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Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce.
The International Heat Transfer Association
The International Diesel Emissions Association
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Mobile Air Conditioning Society
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