Low-Temp, Flux-Cored Aluminum Rod

Johnson's WonderBraze provides another excellent method for making heat exchanger repairs. Its unique flux core is non-corrosive so it does not react internally with the rod during storage. After brazing its flux residues are also non-corrosive and need not be removed unless for cosmetics purposes.

This low-temp, flux-filled aluminum rod has a liquidus temperature of 580° C (1076°F) and is soft and ductile making it easy to form around A/C return bends or other fittings, or use as a rod. Allow heat from the joint area to transfer into the filler alloy. Just as the alloy begins to melt, flux is released to clean the base metal, allowing the rod to flow and capillary instantly. WonderBraze is easier for some to use than aluminum rods and separate flux. Produces joints that are much stronger than high-temperature solders or epoxies.

WonderBraze Rod,  .076 x 18 inches
800-05 1
800-06 10
800-08 152 (l pound)