Johnson`s Flo-Rite family of paste solders are engineered to provide a wide range of activation levels, temperature ranges and viscosities to meet today's production soldering requirements. Whether combined with non-leaded,or tin-lead1 solder powder, the result is always a smooth, dispensable paste solder that will compliment your soldering operation.

Typical applications include soldering automotive components, appliance manufacturing, ice making machines, pumps, valves and many other products. Residues are water soluble and are easily removed. Please tell us your requirements so we can blend the paste solder that is just right for your application.

F-610 is an active flux formulation that we stock in the following popular alloy combinations, while F-611 is less active for easier-to-solder components and where residues are more difficult to remove.

F-610, F-611
4 Lb. Jar, 50/50 F610-87-5050-04 8 35#
1 Lb. Jar, 60/40 F610-87-6040-01 12 14#
1 Lb. Jar, 95/5 F610-87-9505-01 12 14#
1 lb. Jar, 50/50 F611-87-5050-01 12 14#

*Flo-Rite is a registered trademark of Kester Solder Company, Division of Litton Industries.

1WARNING! CONTAINS LEAD Toxic if ingested or fumes inhaled. Wash hands after using and before eating, smoking or drinking. Toxic Fumes are released if overheated. Respirators & local ventilation may be required - See OSHA 29CFR 1910.1025 for regulations. Lead is a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. The use of this solder in any potable water system is prohibited by Federal law.

View our Technical Bulletin | Safety Data Sheet for this product.