Contains Silver, Flows like 15%

An amazingly fine Phos-Copper brazing alloy with flow and strength characteristics similar to that of 15% phos-copper. Superbraze melts fast and holds strong to make repair jobs quick, easy and economical. This is the ultimate brazing alloy for copper/brass radiator repair when used with Lloyd's No. 7 Silver Brazing Flux. Not recommended for use on iron based alloys.

1 Lb. Superbraze, 0.050" x 1/8" 910-03


Contains 5% and 15 % Silver, Respectively

For low temperature brazing of brass and copper. These alloys should not be used on steel. 5% Phos-copper is an economical alloy, recommended where close fit-ups cannot be maintained. 15% Phos-Copper is recommended where ductility is of prime importance. Both alloys work best with Lloyd's No. 7 Silver Brazing Flux.

1 Lb.  5% Silver 1/16" dia. 905-03
1 Lb. 15% Silver .050x1/8" 915-03

View our Safety Data Sheet for 905-03 | 910-03 | 915.03.