Genuine drop forged coppers hold their heat longer than imitations. Keep your coppers clean and tinned using Johnson's Soldering Fluid and Allen's Sal Blocks.

Coppers are priced and sold in pairs. Each pair equals the listed weight.
Handles are sold per each.

Pointedpointed coppers
1 lb pair   (two 0.5 lb coppers)300-01
2 lb pair   (two 1 lb coppers)300-02
3 lb pair   (two 1.5 lb coppers)300-03
4 lb pair   (two 2 lb coppers)300-04
5 lb pair   (two 2.5 lb coppers)300-05
6 lb pair   (two 3 lb coppers)300-06
8 lb pair   (two 4 lb coppers)300-08
Chiselchisel coppers
2 lb pair   (two 1 lb coppers)301-02
3 lb pair   (two 1.5 lb coppers)301-03
4 lb pair   (two 2 lb coppers)301-04
6 lb pair   (two 3 lb coppers)301-06
Hatchethatchet coppers
4 lb pair   (two 2 lb coppers)302-04
6 lb pair   (two 3 lb coppers)302-06
Wood Handlechisel coppers
Small   (1 lb copper -- 300-01), each303-02S
Medium   (2,3,4 lb copper -- 30X-02 - 4), each303-03M
Large   (5,6,8 lb copper -- 30X-05 - 8), each303-04L
Johnson`s Bench FurnaceBench Furnace
Double burners and a refractory lining enable unit to heat several coppers at one time, fast! This bench mounted furnace is made of cast iron and is built to last. Specify Nat. or LP gas.
#101 Bench Furnace, LP Gas101-LP
#101 Bench Furnace, Natural Gas101-NG
Lining for #101 Furnace101-01
Burner Assembly, Complete101-02
Orifice Cap, LP101-05
Bunsen Burner Tube101-06
Pilot Tube & Screw101-07
Orifice Cap, Natural Gas101-08
Double Valve101-09
Sal-Ammoniac Blocks, Soldering Fluxes and other fine products made by Johnson Mfg. Co.

Solid Sal-Ammoniac
Used for Tinning Soldering Coppers Fast! Blocks Available in 1/2 Lb Size, Individually Boxed. Johnson Mfg. Co. pledges to continue supplying these high quality solid Sal-Ammoniac Blocks. For nearly 100 years this form of ammonium chloride has been used to promote rapid tinning of soldering irons and forged soldering coppers. Only when using well-maintained soldering irons will the solder being used, flow off the tip to properly fill sheet metal seams.

1/2 Lb Sal Block
CASE of 2424-100-08
SHIP WT. 13 lbs