Fastest Tinning of Bearing Shells and Most Common Metals


Johnson`s E-127 Flux-'N-Solder with Pure Tin is the ideal blend of mild chlorides in paste form, mixed with pure tin powder to create a smooth, versatile tinning paste.

It is widely used for the pre-tinning bearing shells, prior to babbitting.

E-127 is also used for pre-tinning body steel before adding No. 523 Lead-Free Body Solder during the restoration of antique cars, or tractors. It is also used for pre-tinning parts which are later soldered into assemblies, to insure a full solder joint when using even mild, organic, or non-corrosive fluxes.

Johnson`s E-127 has a melting temperature of 450°F and is compatible with all common solders, including lead-free alloys.  Residues are water soluble and should be removed after soldering.

Review Johnson`s Technical Bulletin for more details and related products.

1 lb Jar 16-02 16-03 12 14#
4 lb Jar 16-04 16-05 6 26#

Johnson's E-128 FLUX-'N-SOLDER with PURE TIN

Fastest Sweating of Copper Tubes to Brass Fittings

Johnson's E-128 Flux-'N-Solder with Pure Tin is similar to E-127 but with slightly lower activation level to permit its safe use as a plumbing paste solder. When used properly by professional plumbers, this paste pre-tins as it fluxes, to pull the new Lead-Free Solders deeper into each joint. E-128 also as a smooth consistency that is easily applied to the outside of tubes and inside fittings, yet does not run or drip off parts.

Johnson`s E-128 residues are water soluble and should be removed and flushed immediately after soldering.

1 lb Jar 16-62 16-63 14#

View our Technical Bulletin | Safety Data Sheet for this product.