Johnson's 5117 Mild Organic Flux is a mild solution of free halides that is very effective for soldering copper, brass, tin plate and other easy-to-solder metals. During the soldering process, its water soluble residues are nearly completely neutralized and decomposed, leaving little chance of corrosion behind on the work piece.

This process is achieved however, only when using the proper time/temperature relationship. Even though these residues are minimal in both quantity and activity, never-the-less, we recommend that they be removed with lukewarm water to prevent staining of the surfaces. Johnson's 5117 has been found to be particularly useful for production soldering of stained glass lamps, for dip soldering wire harnesses and cable ends, for soldering architectural copper roofing, for electrical connections and for many other applications.

For best results when dip soldering, a dilution of 1:1: to 2:1 with clean water is suggested. For soldering with a torch or iron, Johnson's 5117 Mild Organic Flux may be used straight (no dilution). Care should be taken to apply flux only to surfaces that will be heated to full soldering temperature which will volatilize the flux, leaving little or no active residues behind on the work piece. Additional data and/or application assistance is available from Johnson's Technical Support Group.

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Gallon 46-11 46-12 4 40#
5 Gallon Drum 46-14     49#