03-00 Lloyd`s Stainless Steel Flux is a highly aggressive flux for soldering all alloys of stainless steel as well as most other difficult-to-solder metals, except aluminum, magnesium and titanium. This flux works very well when heated soldering coppers are used to prevent warping of light gauge metals. Other used include tinning of tough cast iron bearing shells, prior to babbitting. This balanced chemical and acid formulation produces strong solder bonds that are bright and shiny. It works especially well with Johnson`s IA-423 Tin-Silver-Copper Solder, or one of our other Silver Bearing Solders, as well as with Johnson's Pure Lead-Free Solders.

This flux is generally used as shipped, however it may be diluted with water for certain applications. Lloyd's Stainless Steel Flux residues are corrosive and must be completely removed from the work piece. The use of hot water and a mild detergent helps speed the removal process.

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